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  1. sirensongfashion:

    Audrey Marnay in “Star Wars Couture” by Irving Penn for Vogue US April 1999

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  2. High Resolution
  3. sirensongfashion:

    Givenchy Haute Couture by Alexander McQueen S/S 1997

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  4. lucy-corsetry:


    Blanka Matragi - Story of the dress - 

    I love how they show the initial concept to the realization!

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  5. legendofimogen:

    Amir HalgalAmira 02Otoyomegatari - AmirAmir Halgal and Otoyomegatari by KyoudaiCosband 

    Amir cosplay by Archangel Michail
    Photo by Trisha
    August,2013 (Russia, Murmansk)

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  6. absentiae:

    Sculptures by Yoshimasa Tsuchiya

    Japanese artist Yoshimasa Tsuchiya makes the most whimsical sculptures. Wooden foals, unicorns, mermaids - soft, delicate and detailed - look almost like porcelain. These beautiful creatures warm the heart and fire the imagination. 

    "In Japan, most of traditional buildings and sculptures are made of wood. Wood is a material which breath. It has own age, own viability. I studied these kind of traditional techniques in a graduate school of operative dentistry of cultural assets. I receive some inspirations from an old tale, a myth, a legend and my dream. The figure of my animals is a materialization of human hope, mind and heart."

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    hahaha, manatea

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